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Ancient Rod Healing

The energy processed through this healing system helps you stay vibrant both inside and outside. This technique utilizes Two L shaped rods for changeling the universal energy.


  • Acts on subconscious mind
  • It improves and balances physical, mental and spiritual growth
  • It levels masculine and feminine qualities with solar, lunar and fire Elements.
  • For perfect balance in life with health, happiness, wisdom, growth by optimal functioning of Ida, Pingla and sushumna nadis.
  • This symbol aids and supports in awakening of kundalini.
  • It increases intuition skills.
  • It helps and increases in growth of energy.
  • It helps in self awareness and actualization
  • It connects with cosmic energy strengthen life force energy.
  • It helps in improving brain strenghth enables to overcome and solve all problems at a stretch.
  • Helps in cord cutting
  • It helps in achieving target particularly helps students preparing for Examination, professionals for their targets, it gives power in pursuing mentally assigned work
  • Relationship is maintained with peace and harmony
  • Creates loving relationship in couples with understanding Brings loyalty in couple.
  • It works efficiently on a person doing business when projected Properly with correct method resulting in success, expansion, growth in business.
  • Sharpen mind enables to fast reaction and take decisions.
  • Removes dullness around keeps active always.