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A Bach flower therapy consultation usually helps the client to discern the real problem hidden behind the appearance. The usual areas that you might want to approach are the problems in personal life, career, interpersonal relationships, to find out what is missing in patient’s life and what are his needs that are not met.

The duration of the Bach flower therapy consultation lasts anywhere between 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the client’s requirement.

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Yoga Beginners Course in Rishikesh

Bach flower therapy consultation!

The therapeutic system by using Bach Flower Remedies is designed to tackle the original emotional and spiritual problems before they manifest into a physical disease. This does not mean, that Bach Flower Remedies can only be used to treat emotional and spiritual problems. It means, that instead of focusing on the physical disease, they try to solve the original problem of the disease and to bring a change and opening on spiritual, emotional and mental level.

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Yoga for Beginners in Rishikesh

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The consultation includes free support and guidance for 45 days.

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Bach flower remedies come very handy, which helps each and every one to achieve a greater harmony and balance in their lives in a very natural and effective way.

What the Bach flower remedies consultation includes is it is based on the holistic approach to the patient. The Bach flower remedies system acknowledges the importance of treating the patient as a whole rather than focusing on a condition of an organ or a tissue.

The practitioner tries to understand the problem behind patient's current situation. The whole process is done by means of an interview. The practitioner asks questions about the patient, about how he feels, how his life looks like, how he relates to the people and tries to determine the cause of the problem.

When a problem occurs on an emotional level, if unsolved will eventually transcend to the mental and finally to the physical level. we would recognize the problem and that we could treat it in the phase when it was still in the realm of emotional suffering. We could solve the problem in the beginning and none of the mental and physical consequences would manifest. But if the patient has already manifested the physical disease, then we will treat the patient by knowing the underlying cause which results in profound effective healing.

Book a Bach Flower Remedies Consultation today and apart from 45 day free support you also get 15% discount on the first prescription of Bach Remedies.

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