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Shalvik Mantra Rahasya Healing

Ancient healing technique which concentrates on the overall well being of the individual. The best part is, this is a unique healing modality which is a complete system in itself where you get complete solution for life under one roof. It takes only 21 sessions for a complete healing.


  • Five element balance can be easily obtained.
  • Vastu energy balance will be achieved.
  • Root cause of problem or disease is analysed and treated accordingly.
  • Healing takes place from the root.
  • Planetary energies will be received by our body optimally.
  • It removes karmic baggage and life becomes smooth and better day by day.
  • Obstacles from life with the grace of Lord Maha Mritunjay is removed.
  • It create a shield against negative energies and protects you from witchcraft, black magic, etc.
  • It attracts health, wealth, and abundance in your life.
  • It helps to attain an ideal, peaceful, and successful life.
  • It helps to get freedom from disease, pains, obstacles, and sorrows.